The Aussie Experience

Aussie introduces 3 Minute Miracle, the quick deep conditioning treatment in 1980 and follows up with the super flexible Mega Hairspray in 1986.

In 1987, Aussie debuts a curl's best friend, Sprunch Spray and the super hydrating Moist Shampoo. In 1990, Aussie launches the Hair Insurance Collection to repair damaged dos.

Aussie debuts our highest hold hairspray Instant Freeze in 1991 and follows up with another instant classic in 1995: Aussome Volume Shampoo.

In 1999 Aussie introduces two more products to help hair bounce back: Aussie Moist Conditioner and Aussome Volume Conditioner. In 2002, they expand the Aussome Volume Collection to include stylers.

2007 sees the debut of the Cleanse & Mend Collection, repairing and strengthening damaged hair. Aussie gets the whole gang in on the fun in 2013 with Aussie Kids, Family and Men’s product lines.

In 2014, Aussie expands the 3 Minute Miracle Collection of deep conditioning treatments to include Shine, Strong, Smooth and Color. In 2015, the Total Miracle Collection hits the scene, giving you seven miraculous benefits in every bottle.